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Who Owns Britain?  Kevin Cahill  2002.  Canongate Books 

This Land Is Our Land: The Struggle for Britain's Countryside  Marion Shoard 1987.  2nd ed.1997

Owning the Earth: The Transforming History of Land Ownership  Andro Linklater  2014  Bloomsbury

The Land Grabbers : The New Fight Over Who owns The Earth  Fred Pearce  2012

Hedge Britannia: A Curious History of a British Obsession Hugh Barker  2012

The Plot: A Biography of my Father’s Acre  Madeleine Bunting  2009

How Much Land Does a Man Need? Leo Tolstoy  1886

Land Law : Directions  Sandra Clarke and Sarah Greer  2008.  Oxford University Press

The Making of the English Landscape  W G Hoskins  1955

Transforming Fell and Valley : Landscape and Parliamentary Enclosure in North West England  Ian Whyte  2003

Political Landscape: The Art History of Nature  Martin Warnke 2013  Reaktion Books

Landscape and Ideology: The English Rustic Tradition  Ann Birmingham 1987  Thames & Hudson

The Idea of Landscape and the Sense of Place 1730-1840 : An Approach to the Poetry of John Clare  John Barrell 1972  Cambridge University Press

Approaches to Landscape  Richard Muir  1999  Ch 4 Landscape, Politics and Power

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The Wealth of the Commons:  A World Beyond Market & State  David Bollier and Silke Helfrich (eds)  2013  Levellers Press

Edgelands: Journeys into England's True Wilderness    Michael Symmons Roberts & Paul Farley   Cape 2011

Commoners: common right, enclosure and social change in England 1700-1820  J M Neeson  1993

The Cadastral Map in the Service of the State : A History of Property Mapping  Roger J P Kain  1992

Landscape, Nature And The Body Politic: From Britain’s Renaissance To America’s New World  Kenneth Robert Olwig  2002

England’s Landscape : The North West   Angus Winchester & Alan Crosby  2006

Maps for Family and Local History : The Records of the Tithe, Valuation Office and National Farm Surveys of England and Wales 1836-1943    Geraldine Beech and Rose Mitchell    1994    2nd ed 2004




The Land  - an occasional magazine about land rights




Land ownership in the United Kingdom: Trends, preferences and future challenges   Robert Home  2009  Land Use Policy 26S S103–S108 

Law, Property, and the Geography of Violence: The Frontier, the Survey and the Grid  Nicholas Blomley 2003  Annals of the Association of American Geographers 93(1): 121-141.   


A Short History of Enclosure in Britain Simon Fairlie.  The Land:  Issue 7 Summer 2009

Who really owns Britain? Kevin Cahill.  Country Life: Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Look who owns Britain: A third of the country STILL belongs to the aristocracy  Tamara Cohen.        Daily Mail: 10 November 2010        

Aristocracy loses countryside to pension funds and National Trust Louise Gray.                              Daily Telegraph   10 November 2010    

The coming battle over land and property  Jason Cowley.  New Statesman:  19 October 2010

Access to Land: Social Class, Activism and the Genealogy of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act  Ben Mayfield. 2010   Statute Land Review  31(1) 63-83

Land reform remains one of the great progressive causes : The government needs to be much more rigorous about taxing wealth and static assets.  New Statesman: Leader: 29 March 2012

Our countryside has once again become a playground for the rich  George Monbiot                           The Guardian: 4 June 2012

That Disturbing Devil  Ferdinand Mount.  Review of: Owning the Earth: The Transforming History of Land Ownership by Andro Linklater  London Review of Books: Vol 36 No9 8 May 2014

No wonder landowners are scared. We are starting to learn who owns Britain George Monbiot.          The Guardian : 3 December 2014

SNP-led Scottish Government unveils radical plans to tackle land ownership inequality   The proposals have been met with dismay by some of Scotland's landowners                                                                        The Independent :  23 June 2015




Land Matters  ….. the blog and website of Andy Wightman      

Who Owns Scotland?    by Andy Wightman and Noel Darlow   

Peter Smith

Killer arguments against Land Value Tax - Not!



Land Registry

Three Acres And A Cow  A History of Land Rights and Protest in Folk Song and Story 

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